Hello friend of pro rahasia, no one asked why the hell deserves to be a city of Cirebon gado – gado? Is it because there are many who sells gado – gado or food is a culinary hallmark of Cirebon city itself? That’s not what we maksud.Cirebon referred to as the city gado – gado as ” Everything is ” complete without the slightest teringgalkan without exception.

Gado gado made of various foodstuffs unique raciK be a good meal with a variety of delicious flavor, savory, tasty, spicy, sweet everything so satu.Kalau said one blogger, blog gado – gado is a blog that has content / story extensive discussion not only focused on a niche / a story that makes the content of the blog interesting, clever and rich in information.

Well the above description of the ” describes the city of Cirebon current ” Almost everything in the city of Cirebon ranging from education, food, travel, culture, investment, infrastructure development, mega business, industry, perdagangan.Nah location is also very strategic cirebon and fits into the ” Business Center ” On the island of Java, why is that?


Why pro secrets say Cirebon to ” Business Center ” On the island of Java? ” It’s just a small sample we take Cirebon city and its surroundings, suppose ” ciayumajakuning ” (Cirebon, Indramayu, Majalengka and Cirebon) .Kenapa many construction businesses such as hotels, malls, trade built in the city of Cirebon, why not wake in the area indramayu, Majalengka or brass?

We could see the construction of hotels in Cirebon now expanding like The Luxton Cirebon Hotel & Convention, cordela hotel, amaris hotel, grage hotel, swiss bell hotel and no less modern interior and modern design structure has is Aston Cirebon who became the best hotels in Cirebon and in Indonesia.

Yup it all in because of the location of the town of Cirebon very strategic and easy to reach from the ” city – the city ” other on the island of Java easily without can be prevented.
Cirebon city can say is in the middle – the middle area of the island of Java and were on the road crossing the north coast (north coast) so it is easily reached by the city – other major cities in Java such as Bandung, Semarang, Jakarta, Tegal and lainya.Bukan only the access to Cirebon also very easy, fast, not constrained indefinitely in Cirebon already provided various means of adequate transportation (bus terminal Harjamukti located in kesambi, Kejaksan Cirebon railway station, and the port of Cirebon).

We could put the business center in the city of Bandung, brass, tegal or majalengka.Tapi whether Reachable and accessed by the city – other cities who want to get there? Suppose we make the city of Bandung as a center of business, could have been from Bogor close to the duo just 1 hour, from jakarta too close may take approximately 3 hours, how from other cities such as pemalang, Semarang and other cities in the eastern region? Well plus that makes the city of Cirebon as a smart city that is worthy of being a ” Centre Businnes ” On the island which makes the city of Cirebon jawa.Itulah rapidly in economic and technological development.

If a country in asia described as the country of Singapore. Why Singapore is fast becoming a developed and modern countries in the appeal other countries in asia? whereas Singapore is one country with an area of territory sedikit.Itu in Singapore because the located at ” center asia ” transit countries. Access from thailand fast, fast Indonesia, Timor Leste, china and asia countries that lainya.Sama case with the city of Cirebon in the ” center of Java island ” Because a city or a country that is located in the middle – the middle of it will quickly perkembanganya because ” places ” has become a ” transit ”’s strategic objects – objects that exist in the sekitarnya.Other cirebon also …

According to the father of my professors H. Yoyon Indrayana, Ir., M.T. who taught ” Urban Design ” on our campus STT Cirebon.Beliau never convey ” A city building – a historic old building will be easily known by the public at large in Indonesia ”.

Why is that ? You are all curious weve certainly true that statement? We take just a few popular cities in Indonesia which has a historic old building nan such as city and town semarang.Di jakarta batavia city there are areas called the old city because there a lot of buildings – ancient big building dutch very historic.

Until now, the building is still in the guard and monitored regularly in order to avoid damage to the ancient buildings tersebut.Dengan their old buildings earlier, old town -Jakarta become very popular and very easy to remember .Tes course, try as you hear the words of the old town surely you will immediately thought of the Indonesian capital is not it?

It was all in because, Building modern architecture with ancient architecture building bygone era very different from textiles, detail, and design in a modern building gunakan.Kalau nothing special and looks normal because desainya most so – just ” flat ‘.

Source image by

Unlike the old building, terms of design just old buildings more attractive and superior to modern.Karena building visitors can see a ” detailed structure has’ awesome views of the walls alone there are many unique corakan that makes people see ask – ask. Old buildings look very distinctive and easy to remember because the details are very different from other architectural concept.

Just look at the difference, now we feel when looking at a modern building we certainly felt very ordinary because no characteristic buildings are easy to remember as we position the old building .And when he saw the old building, certainly we would pause just simply want enjoy the view of the building while questioning in ha, this wall coraknya cool, wear what is it and how do I make it? Right?

In Cirebon itself also are building – the old building very historic loh friend, that’s what makes the city of saints is very easy to remember by the visitors who had come to Cirebon or those who see cirebon from the internet or television media.

In Cirebon, there is a historic old buildings such as the ” Sultan kasepuhan ” This building is the most historic buildings in the city of Cirebon and still preserved and maintained until ini.Keraton kasepuhan an Islamic empire that became a founder of the current building cirebon bertahta.Dan it was used as the administrative center of cirebon Sultanate during kasepuhan itu.Keraton also has a design and a unique architectural details, this is what makes ” palace kasepuhan ” cirebon the main attraction of the tourists are curious and want to see it immediately.


This is the pride of the city of Cirebon that became a city of education as ” proven ” in Cirebon there are many learning centers as institutions les English (LIA Cirebon, EF Cirebon), high school, university complete with a variety of faculty that is able to hone the ability of students and have high employment prospects.

Many students from the city – other major cities in Indonesia who went to Cirebon to pursue education to a higher level as evidenced by the number of prospective students from Jogjakarta, Bandung, Jakarta, Semarang, indramayu, brass and one of them myself (dost) who come from far away – much to gain / dredge deeper knowledge in this metropolitan city.

One of the universities in Cirebon very popular in Indonesia and attract prospective students from various university cities such as non-mountain teak (Unswagati) which has 7 faculties (faculty of engineering, medicine, economics, law, teacher training, social sciences, and agriculture). You not only can study strata 1 (S1) on campus Unswagati this Cirebon,

Because now Unswagati already open educational stratum 2 (S2) Pascarsarjana for those who want to continue studying more powerful again in order to become a person who is more intelligent and has thought intellectual wider than the ocean the ocean, because the prophet Muhammad has ever said: Tuntutah science even though up to china country. Now the sentence is perfect for those who wander ,,

 ” Tuntulah science even though up to the city of Cirebon ” for gain / seek knowledge is obligatory for ourselves going anywhere and anytime saja.Karena worship that is not in landasi by the science of it will not be unlawful hukumnya.maka of it is important to a educational institutions to realize a developed country, clever, dexterous and cirebon city already implement it by the various institutions of learning that only memadai.Bukan cirebon also …


economic development and business in Cirebon will progress rapidly without be stopped and detained by other parties, as we discussed earlier because of Cirebon has become a ” business center ” on the island jawa.Sangat suitable for entrepreneurs who want to stick their investment in cirebon this country.

CSI Services Group Headquarters

We’ve seen a lot of developers who build hotels to be made in a very promising investment property without can be prevented by siapapun.Trading in Cirebon also more rapidly visible from this Cirebon always be passed by outsiders – foreigners from various regions of the country and foreign tourists.. If you are still confused what would inevestasi in the city of saints please come to ” CSI safe investment, prospective and profitable ”.

Now of course you will ask – ask, what the heck is that CSI Investment? Cakrabuana success Indonesua (CSI) An peruhaan which is engaged in investing and trade buying and selling PT.ANTAM which was established in early 2011, the Company was originally built for the demands of people who want greater employment opportunities to acquire resources clear and real income

CSI has a dream to open the job in Indonesia as much – many and the most in priority first is the value – social values like sharing a little sodakoh to lower economic communities and children – orphans piatu.Bukan only that the company has also built an institution free special education for people who have, ” low economy ”

For those of you who want to learn to invest ranging from low budget, straight come to CSI Cirebon guarantees safe, effective and promising! , Not only bright investment for 
Cirebon also …


4G LTE is a 4th generation, from telecommunications technology on the mobile Internet network. And now PT.Smartfren already providing 4G LTE network is very extensive throughout Indonesia. To realize Indonesia with the internet smarter, faster and more stable in Indonesia.

Jolie, is that I gemes in the city of Cirebon ini.Sekarang already jamanya instantaneous anything done by internet starting from mengrim message, shopping, businesses are all done with lightning with internet.Anda not maukan ” living in the modern era ” without networking fast internet as fast as a hawk flying in the sky

Gini day surf, download, and upload still slow? Hellooo, how are you experiencing illness world.If internet ” slugs ” in the era of the all powerful now also directly download your vehicle and go straight / main to the town of Cirebon this minute without any reason! Because of what ?

Because in Cirebon ” proven ” a lot of 4G LTE networks of different types of operators
(GSM / CDMA) .And one smartphone and 4G network is already available in the city of Cirebon was ” Smartfren HPnya Generation 4G in Cirebon ” Yup faster internet anti lelet bro! Now it jamanya class 4G LTE network.

If your city’s 4G network is still not good directly otw cirebon because at various angles in the city of Cirebon has provided signal 4G LTE now you just set up a helmet and a thick jacket just in order not thrown off due to the hardness of 4G internet have been provided by the smartfren this ,

If you are still confused about how regsitrasi prime smartfren 4G, 4G internet package Method, device info from smartfren internet, you do not need binggung.Karena in the city of Cirebon already available smartfren gallery, located on Jl. DR. Cipto Mangunkusumo, Pekiringan, Kesambi, City gallery Cirebon.Di smartfren all the staff is ready to serve you rushed smartfren users wholeheartedly for the difficulties related to use of the device / internet package from its network wide smartfren.Bukan only because cirebon well. , ,


Do not admit the true traveler if you have not landed safely on tour – a unique tour in cirebon.Ayo now prepare your best camera device and the camera settiing tingkatin the best possible resolution of the camera to the highest setting, to take portraits of the charm of the beautiful sights in the city shrimp ini.Beritahukan to your relatives this minute that you had stopped in cirebon travel and proud to have enjoyed the sights in the city guardian ini.Sudah layover to travel – below this interesting?

1. Cave Sunyaragi – Cirebon

Source: Image By:

Sunyaragi cave built by taking elements of ideology, philosophy of local culture and the world.In ancient cave was once a mecca of architecture at the age.

Goa Sunyaragi is a cave located in the village Sunyaragi, kesambi cirebon.Bangunan city is if we look at – look like a temple structure arrangement loh.Karena most of mengugunakan batu.Bagunan Sunyaragi also included in the class of temple buildings in the wake of the cave kuno.Bangunan with various functions loh companions one of them as a place to relax, as the checkpoints, where soldiers train at jama saw it, meditating place and other activities.

According to the version of this Sunyaragi cave caruban d wake up in 1703 AD by a prince named kararangen which is the great-grandson of Sunan mountain jati.Sampai today Sunyaragi often experience improvements to keep the building from being damaged.


Edit Image By:

In Sunyaragi berbetuk gazebo there is a building which has a pyramid roof building tablets were above kolam.Fungsi of the building according to local officials a gamelan staging area for receiving guests.

The concept of building shaped gazebo on the floating building that has been applied in this city since the 17th century shrimp .Wah turns the concept was there long ya in Sunyaragi, Indonesia ini.Sudah be sure thinking architects of the era is already advanced and have high creativity.

2. Waterland Cirebon

Anything else ya travel is relatively new and booming ki city of Cirebon, Namely Waterland or ordinary people cirebon say ” ade irma travel ”, Waterland is located on the shoreline of the northern port city of Cirebon cirebon.Deket same.

What’s included in this Cirebon Waterland? Already can be guessed from its name Waterland which carries a game associated with the ” object water ” There is available waterboom, current pool, there is also a fountain, and for those of you who go there with your partner can menimati duck boat funny that has been facilitated by the tour itself.

There is also available a cottage – cotagge tiny, unique and minimalist to the tourists visitors who wish to spend the night there, Enjoying the beautiful night in ade irma matchless and marvelous sunset in the morning nan sejuk.Wah seemed to want to immediately traveled there now. For those who want to stay overnight in cotagge ade irma’s wear cost approximately 1 – 2.5 million per day are in landir of


Hmmm, exhausted open investment in the city of Cirebon for-profit higher business and make the head a bit dizzy, so we decided to have a picnic for a while enjoying the beauty of travel in the city of Cirebon as historic cave in Cirebon that cave Sunyaragi and took time to swimming in Waterland cirebon.

All activities on a very exciting and she did not seem to make our stomach feels Lepar, Yummy doing huh? Checking culinary Cirebon yuk? who knows there is a unique and berebda of food a day – the day that we makan.Hitung – count baru.Karena looking for a culinary experience Cirebon also save recipes delicious culinary pent-loh gaes.

Cirebon typical culinary flavors will shake – shake the tongue to the left and to the right. Well one of the most popular culinary Cirebon is jamblang rice or commonly called sega jamblang.Jika you stop by to Cirebon you will find a lot of selling rice at sepinggir jamblang jalan.Yang make this unique culinary Cirebon is the container that does not use a plate instead use ” identity leaves ” which makes the food to be more delicious because of all the materials used natural.

For rice lauknya jamblang equipped with fried chilli, anchovies, chicken, chili, tofu, tempeh, dll.Ayo food just try this one because there is a different sensation when you consume it with the container of ” identity leaves ”.

Not only rice jamblang tablets become the city’s culinary primadina shrimp this.There again called ” satay bat ” Well why his name satay bat? Sure people will rada amused if heard, what to eat again until digested in the body total.Tenang just satay bats basic ingredients instead of bats or bats like we imagined.

Material is essentially a savory buffalo meat satay bats and empuk.Sedikit information available in various flavors such as salty flavor, sweet and pedas.Sate bat is common in the sale of an hour after maghrib until the middle of the secrets why pro malam.Asumsi referred to as the bat probably skewers because penjualanya at night bleak activity of bats are active at night.

There is one more special nih typical food Cirebon, namely jerked gentong.Saya also initially confused because just heard the food with a unique name ini.Penasaran with food this one, finally asked one of my friends from Cirebon, said Empal barrel was a goulash cow just that the process

cooking he does use gentong.Mungkin that is why this cuisine is called sebagai”empal keg ‘, Gentong in use for cooking could have been made as a trademark AAGR easy to remember by people who’ve mencobanya.Jika you penasran you can try Empal barrel in krucuk area, under the existing Cirebon.Di excerpts to make it, want to know? Play video

MAKING PROCESS Empal Gentong [ Culinary CIREBON]

Source Video By Cirebon Trust [Culinary Cirebon]

You Agree If Cirebon City Being nicknamed Gado – Gado Or ” All there ”?

Hopefully simple review article we discussed above into a new useful knowledge about the city of Cirebon’s related. We had to review a little information on the town include education shrimp, business, travel, cooking and a little info lainya.Artikel on top of being a picture for you who have never played to Cirebon.

And if you are interested in the atmosphere in the city of Cirebon you can directly here, Because Cirebon is a city that is easily reached by various transportasi.Jadi no reason difficult to play to this simple and beautiful city.

Thanks in advance, and admin pros secrets would like to say ” Best Day ” Milad 3 cirebon blogger community was no big event in May – June 2016 ”. For Muslims throughout Indonesia and especially in secret pro cirebon congratulate fasting and apologize for any narrative or language sentences that are not pleasing to the review which we discuss in this article.


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